Smartify makes museums accessible for a global audience through innovative technology & engaging storytelling.

From a simple idea to the world’s most downloaded museum app.

Our Story

Smartify grew out of four friends’ enjoyment of visiting museums and encountering art. Inside every gilt frame and Perspex box, layers of meaning wait to be uncovered. Our mission is to enrich and inspire audiences by helping each object tell its story.

Founded in 2015, we’re committed to delivering the best mobile experience for art and culture lovers with cost-effective, reliable technology. We work with collections of all sizes improve the visitor experience on-site and at home; and deliver real business value that you can measure.

We understand the cultural sector and have spent years perfecting our technology which has been tried, tested and proven across leading museums, drawing millions of visitors each year.

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This museum uses the art app by Smartify for smart phones. This app enables you to scan a work of art and get more information about it without having to read the museum signage. Great museum.

vaughanm1976 at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, August 2019

Use the Smartify app on your mobile. It added ENORMOUSLY to our visit.

RWKRIK at The Wallace Collection, London, February 2020

Please make sure you download Smartify app before going. Once downloaded on your smart phone, just hold up your phone, click the picture within the frame and you will receive explanations for each picture.

ABeh at The National Gallery, London, July 2019

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Mission statement

Read our full mission statement to discover the story of how a love of visiting museums grew into the world's most downloaded museum app.

Read our mission statement

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