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Museums and Social Distancing, A Planning Toolkit

Considerations for reopening from CCD x Smartify

With museums in China and Germany reopening, and many others around the world planning their next move, we have taken a moment to think about the initial steps to remobilise the museum sector.

Museum Visitor

The white paper; Social Distancing: A Planning Toolkit, was written in collaboration with CCD, award-winning wayfinding specialists, and is intended to begin discussions around reopening.

Far from a prescriptive list of dos and don’ts the toolkit raises key considerations for museums and kickstarts the planning process.

Museum’s post COVID-19 may look substantially different to the institutions we know and love. Alongside one way routes and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) guides, socially distant museums will also have to contend with a rightfully wary public and the impact of COVID-19 closures on staff.

Visitor Journey
The new visitor journey © CCD x Smartify

Some of the key findings from our discussions with museums are included alongside a worksheet with questions for museums to review as they think about reopening. These include: How will you streamline booking to build trust and safety before arrival? How will visitors move safely through the building? How will you connect with visitors audiences after the visit?

Now more than ever it is important to be open minded around reopening discussions. The next steps for museums around the world will take time and thought. But these challenges also present an opportunity to deliver visitor experiences in new ways. This toolkit provides innovation-led thinking on how to navigate those changes in the short and long term. Download the white paper below.

Download the CCD x Smartify toolkit

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Molly Skinner

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