National Galleries of Scotland

Connecting sites across a city to encourage visitor movement and monitor engagement

The National Galleries of Scotland is an organisation responsible for three galleries spread across central Edinburgh: The Scottish National Gallery; Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Between them, the galleries host an outstanding national collection from the early Renaissance to modern and contemporary art.

On challenge

Of the three venues, the Scottish National Gallery has a prominent location in the centre of Edinburgh and receives almost 2 million visitors per year. Meanwhile the Portrait and Modern galleries have significantly smaller numbers at about 360,000 visitors each per year. Staff at the Galleries were interested to offer a single integrated visitor guide across all three sites and begin to explore how targeted notifications and AI-driven personalised recommendations could improve the discoverability of the less visited Portrait and Modern galleries.

Our solution

By implementing a digital guide on visitors' own smartphones rather than using rented devices, you can automatically access data on visiting habits, routes and engagement before, during and after a physical visit. We set up Smartify across all three venues and produced custom reports with analytics to support the development of accurate visitor profiles. We then used this data to drive recommendations to artworks and tours available at the other sites. Geolocation and push notifications we set up to prompt visitors to Check-In for an ...

The result: xxx

Improve operational efficiency with real data on visitor behavior.

Collect invaluable user data and sales leads from potential collectors in return for exclusive access to time-sensitive online exhibitions, artworks and content.

Venue takeover

Campaign execution and coordination

Making people aware of the collection in each building.

Future proof - Say goodbye to dead micro-sites, endless operating system updates and ancient in-gallery interactives. We look long term, developing quality software in an iterative and ongoing manner to ensure that your visitor experience is always up to date at no additional cost. Get in touch about joining our Product Advisory Board to shape the future of Smartify.


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