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Exit through the virtual gift-shop

Smartify launches in-app museum E-shop


Unprecedented museum closures this year have proven how quickly the museum and heritage sector can innovate to share collections, expertise, courses, lectures, concerts and even festivals online. The next step for many museums is to start finding ways to make these digital resources a viable part of their income. One part of this new frontier is e-commerce - something museums have been historically slow to embrace. Whilst only 7% of total sales in the sector come from online, the joy of the traditional museum shop - with everything from jigsaw puzzles to work by local artists - can flourish online.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce today the launch of the Smartify e-shop. This new feature will allow partners to automatically connect their existing online e-shop into the Smartify platform in order to target audiences while they are most engaged and browsing within the app. Imagine scanning The Sunflowers and, as well accessing the descriptive text and audio guide, you are able to immediately buy the print or other merchandise.

Smartify e-shop aims to solve the problem of low public awareness of museum online shopping and encourage conversion to purchase at the moment when audiences are engaged in storytelling about the original object itself.

Anna Lowe, Smartify CoFounder said “This is a huge development not only for Smartify but the museum sector as a whole as we explore new ways of generating revenue and ensuring sustainability.”

In the context of museum remobilisation with reduced visitor numbers, Smartify will continue developing the e-shop alongside other features that help arts organisations drive income.

Development of the Smartify E-shop was supported by StoryFutures’ Research and Development Programme which provided innovation funding and academic insight on strategic market opportunities and research evaluation of the prototype from Professor Niki Pantelli and Dr Philip Wu of the School of Business and Management, Royal Holloway, University of London.

For more information about the StoryFutures Lab visit the website here - https://www.storyfutures.com/

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