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How can museum shops embrace e-commerce?

Listen in to our discussion at the recent Connecting Culture conference

As part of ExperienceUK’s recent Connecting Culture conference, Smartify CoFounder and Director of Partnerships Anna Lowe joined StoryFutures Director James Bennett and academics Dr Philip Wu and Dr Niki Panteli to ask an important question: how can museum shops embrace e-commerce?

Unprecedented closures this year have proven how quickly museums can innovate to share collections, expertise and even festivals online. The next step for many museums is to start finding ways to make these digital resources a viable part of their income. One part of this new frontier is e-commerce - something museums have been historically slow to embrace. Whilst only 7% of total sales in the sector come from online, the joy of the traditional museum shop - with everything from travel mugs printed with your favourite artwork to work by local artists - can flourish online.

In this discussion, discover how immersive storytelling can drive sales, what we can learn from other successful e-commerce examples and how e-commerce plays a role in the entire visitor journey.

Far from just an online shop, museum e-commerce can play an integral role in visitors’ on-site experience as well as offering them an opportunity to add to the fridge magnet collection …

How can museum shops embrace e-commerce to become financially viable and drive income?

Speaker Information

James Bennett is a scholar of television and digital culture and Director of StoryFutures R&D partnership, exploring story form, business model, creative data and audience behaviours in next-generation technologies.

Anna Lowe is CoFounder of Smartify, a global platform that helps people discover and share art. In 2019 Anna was appointed Youth Engagement Trustee at Tate, making her the youngest ever trustee of a UK national museum.

Dr Niki Panteli is a Professor of Digital Business at Royal Holloway University of London, School of Business and Management. Panteli’s main research interests lie in the area of digital transformation, virtual teams, online collaborations and digital platforms.

Dr Philip Wu is a Senior Lecturer in Information Management in the Department of Digital Innovation and Management at Royal Holloway, University of London. Wu’s research lies at the intersection of technology design and human information behaviour.

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