citizenM, 25 hotels and a street art museum

Netherlands founded global hotel chain with art at its heart

citizenM is a global hotel chain with an impressive collection of contemporary art. Artists such as Julian Opie, Andy Warhol and Gavin Turk hang in their communal spaces. In 2019 the company also opened a Museum of Street Art (MoSA) in their citizenM New York Bowery Hotel, a 20-storey street art gallery spanning the building’s internal stairwell.

With art and culture a core part of the identity to citizenM, it was important to ensure guests could satisfy their curiosity and learn more about the works on display.

The challenge

The hotel chain challenged Smartify to deliver an authentic and engaging experience for guests including an audio tour of the Museum of Street Art. In addition, it was important to be able to send targeted push notifications to guests and collect contactable data on visitors who were not staying as guests but using the communal and gallery spaces.

Our solution

All 25 citizenM hotels were given a distinct identity and venue page within the Smartify platform. For the special Museum of Street Art space we created a unique audio guide tour including interviews with the artists and audio production with the sounds of Brooklyn. Listen HERE.

We also worked on a coherent communications campaign to let guests know about the service throughout the guest bedrooms and communal spaces.

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