The Clash at The Museum of London

Increasing the floorspace with scanning and multimedia display at the hugely popular 'The Clash: London Calling' exhibition

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the iconic album London Calling, Sony Media Entertainment and The Museum of London collaborated to create a unique new exhibition with guides by Smartify. The exhibition featured hundreds of archive materials to take visitors behind the scenes of the making of the groundbreaking album that rocked the music scene, serving as an anthem for London, Londoners and music lovers globally.

The challenge

Against challenging timescales, with so much archive material provided by the band and limited space within the physical gallery; we wanted to host as much music, videos and documents as possible without distracting from the visitor experience.

Our solution

A seamless integration of music tracks and films, as well as additional images of pages from books that featured in the exhibition. We also worked together to deliver an audio tour exploring some of the highlights of the collection. Visitors in the physical gallery and online globally were able to access a wealth of content and save it for browsing later on in more detail.


The result

Analytics from the exhibition showed us that visitors spent on average 12 minutes reviewing collection items after their visit.

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