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We aim to make Smar­ti­fy acces­si­ble and afford­able to all venues.

Smar­ti­fy is a social enter­prise. We believe in the work we do, and aim to col­lab­o­rate with organ­i­sa­tions across the sec­tor, no mat­ter what size they are or where they’re locat­ed. We offer the Smar­ti­fy plat­form on three sim­ple tiers that can be built upon via add-ons and bespoke work, as desired. 

If you’re not sure which sub­scrip­tion is right for you, do get in touch. We’re always hap­py to arrange a meet­ing where we can get to know you and your requirements. 

Pricing and feature information for all Smartify plans


Free for 30 days

£0.00 setup €0.00 setup $0.00 setup


£1,800.00 /yr €2,100.00 /yr $2,300.00 /yr

+ £300.00 setup + €360.00 setup + $400.00 setup


£3,500.00 /yr €4,100.00 /yr $4,600.00 /yr

+ £500.00 setup + €600.00 setup + $700.00 setup


£9,500.00 /yr €11,250.00 /yr $12,500.00 /yr

+ £1,000.00 setup + €1,200.00 setup + $1,350.00 setup

Set Up
Self-service manual upload Data integration with existing collection (API or CMS integration etc.) Data integration with existing collection (API or CMS integration etc.) Data integration with existing collection (API or CMS integration etc.)
Mobile Guide
Venue Listing and App takeover Limited design customization Limited design customization Limited design customization Customized branding designed for your venue
Multimedia Tours 1 3 5 unlimited
Image Recognition and Text search
Multi-language Support
Progressive Web App
Automatic Collection Data Integration
E-Shop Integration
Digital Membership
Donations Integration
Content Management
Push Notification 1 3
Collection Items up to 50 up to 200 up to 1000 unlimited
Get Started Buttons

Content Workshop

This 4-hour discovery workshop will define your audience; explore platforms and format rules; develop your first ideas & media strategy!

£500.00 per workshop

€500.00 per workshop

$500.00 per workshop

Content Authoring

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words - let our researchers and writers bring together your vision.





Don’t let sound quality, tone of voice or mixing hold you back. We can help you ensure your guides are finished to a high standard, which will satisfy your audiences.





Want to share your audio tours with a wider audience? Have our team translate them for you!




Custom AR, Video, Games & Quizzes

Got an idea for a kids experience? Want to bring collection items to life through immersive digital experiences? Our animators would love to make your ideas a reality.




On-site and digital signage

Need extra help with the promotion of your Smartify guide? Let our designers create a custom signage experience, including assets and implementation guide.




Additional Support Hours

Need a helping hand? Add some extra ad-hoc hourly business support to get you started.

from £90.00 per hour

from €90.00 per hour

from $100.00 per hour

Ad Hoc Development

Need a little custom developer time or to work with our database engineers? Add expert technical support.




Website Integration

Want the best of Smartify on your own site? You can embed parts of the Smartify web app into your own site, and we can help you do it.




Push Notifications

Send targeted notifications to a specific country or Smartify’s global audience.

from £150.00 per country

from €170.00 per country

from $210.00 per country

Get In Touch

Every collection is unique. Reach out to us today and find out how Smartify can fit in to your organisation.

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