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iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify

The visitor journey has never been easier

An all in one tool, Smartify is the perfect way to guide the museum visitor. Custom venue pages, curated guides, interactive wayfinding, E-commerce and data capture connect you with your audience. There has never been an easier way to engage with visitors, before, during and after the physical visit.

iPhone running Smartify
Smartify Dashboard
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify

Reliable and innovative

Say goodbye to dead device maintenance, endless operating system updates and ancient in-gallery interactives. We look long term, developing quality software in an iterative and ongoing manner to ensure that your visitor experience is always up to date.

  • Create tours in minutes
  • Beautifully curated collections
  • Deliver experiences offline
  • Integrate with ticketing, shop, and membership
  • Available on ios, Android and web app

“I love Smartify. It is the most elegant, unobtrusive, information-rich gallery guide I’ve seen. And it’s free!”

Will Gompertz, BBC Arts Editor

Tours & Wayfinding

Create engaging narrative content - no technical skills required. We offer you a set of easy-to-use tools that allow you to interlace collections, social platforms and the rest of your content in a convincing way.

Adaptable Styling

The appearance of your guide is important. Adapt the pages of Smartify for your museum. Visitors are asked to "check-in" or use geolocation to access a customised experience on-site while still benefiting from the breadth of the app when accessing content off-site.

Access & Languages

Increase your global reach with multilingual functionality. Easily update and maintain your own regional translations within the content management system. The transcription and the functionality of the screen reader ensure that the application is accessible to everyone.

Simple Onboarding

Visitors can use the native or web app via a simple onboarding process. Users can opt-in to register their details to receive future offers and promotions — growing your database with GDPR-compliant records.


Digital membership is the best way to develop loyalty and convert visitors into supporting members of your organisation. Once they sign-up, digital engagement can include targeted notifications, VIP content and contributions with digital donations.

Augmented Reality

We don’t build gimmicks. AR is used strategically to create impactful engagements that weave together human-centered functionality and content. Visitors can use AR to instantly identify works in a whole room and launch artworks into their homes.


Our seamless online payment integration makes it simple and safe to sell merchandise, prints or even tickets to your exhibitions. Explore the sales potential of your venue without risk or cost.

Offline Mode

Struggling with your WiFi? Download tours in advance and listen to expert narrators at any time with offline mode. You can even offer Smartify tours pre-loaded on sharing devices for visitors without a smartphone.

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