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Smartify is already used by over 300 museum partners and more than 2 million arts and culture lovers worldwide! Our platform approach gives you access to the best user-tested technology at low prices. We’ve structured our pricing in accordance with our values. Founded by museum professionals, Smartify is a social enterprise, working with the sector to deliver sustainable, future-proof solutions.

Here's what makes us unique:

Reach Audiences Worldwide

Smartify is trusted by 200+ museum partners and 2 million+ art lovers worldwide! Audiences exploring our platform will see your museum based on geolocation and personalised push-notifications. Don’t let the size of your venue or budget prevent you from attracting new visitors!

Ease of Use

No specialised tech skills required! If your website already has digitized collection items, it will be a simple to set up in Smartify. Tours are also easy to create, publish and edit within days, not months. Your offerings are instantly accessible via the Smartify mobile app, web browser and media player.

Affordable & Flexible

Smartify is a subscription service, offering the latest technology at an affordable price. The cost of Smartify comes in at only 2%-10% of the cost of a custom app! With a tiered membership model, Smartify offers flexibility to select the level that fits your needs, with customized features available à la carte.

Keep Content Ownership

Smartify does not take ownership over any of the content you supply! Your institution maintains intellectual property (IP) and copyright for all information provided. Period. No more getting locked into contracts with service providers!

Generate Revenue

Link your gift shop, membership programs and paid content to drive revenue to your museum. Built-in secure payment processing encourages visitors to purchase when they are most engaged. Smartify's e-shop sees a 15% conversion rate from audiences to purchases.

Award-Winning Solution

Smartify is a certified Community Interest Company (CIC) that has been recognized by industry leaders for delivering innovative, sustainable, future-proof solutions to cultural institutions worldwide. Awards include: The Webby Awards, Apollo Awards, World Summit Awards and more!

“Mobile holds the key to unlocking new kinds of visitor experience. Smartify does that, and does it brilliantly"

Chris Michaels, Director of Digital, Communications and Technology at The National Gallery

Smartify Awards

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