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iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify

Mobile Guide

Easy-to-use interfaces and well designed technology available as a native and web app. The Smartify guide allows visitors to follow their own interests and curated tours, with additional features such as e-commerce, targeted push notifications and donations.

iPhone running Smartify
Smartify Dashboard
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iPad running Smartify

Museum from Home

Engage audiences at home with virtual tours, bookable events and on-demand courses. Smartify's web app makes it easy for visitors to access your museum's online offerings on any device.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The average increase in Net Promoter Score for visitors who use Smartify.


App Store Rating

The average App Store rating out of five from thousands of user reviews.

1 in 4

Opt-in to Email

The number of app users who opt-in to GDPR compliant email marketing communications.

iPhone running Smartify
Smartify Dashboard

Content Management

Create, share and monetise content. Use straightforward drag and drop tools to build your own tours, publish virtual exhibitions and upcoming events.

Audience Insights

Stop operating on gut instinct and gain access to the data you need to move your organisation forward. Automated reports keep key stakeholders in the loop on how visitors explore your collection on-site and at home.

iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify
iPhone running Smartify

Generate Revenue

Embed event listings, gift shop e-commerce, ticketing and membership offers within Smartify. Audiences are prompted to buy at the moments they are most engaged.

Why Smartify?

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Key Features

Image recognition & AR

Our signature scanning technology instantly identifies art, objects and architecture so visitors can discover the stories behind each piece. Our team of expert developers also create customized AR/VR experiences to stimulate and inspire your audiences.

Tours & Wayfinding

Create engaging narrative content - no technical skills required. We offer you a set of easy-to-use tools that connect collections, tours, social platforms and the rest of your content.

Access & Languages

Increase your global reach with multilingual functionality. Easily update and maintain your own regional translations within the content management system. The screen reader functionality ensures accessibility to everyone.

Offline Mode

Struggling with your WiFi? Download tours in advance and listen to expert narrators at any time with offline mode. You can even offer Smartify tours pre-loaded on sharing devices for visitors without a smartphone.

Events & Courses

Host your online events and courses. Use Smartify to sell tickets and offer access to on-demand video content. Even small museums can have a big impact when inviting over 2 million users to attend your programs!


Digital membership is the best way to convert visitors into supporting members of your organisation. After sign-up, digital engagement can include targeted notifications, VIP content and digital donations.


Our seamless online payment integration makes it simple and safe to sell tickets, memberships and gift shop merchandise. Explore the sales potential of your venue with engaged audiences without risk or cost.

Custom Reports

Bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence, we help museums harness the power of data, optimise and automate operations and fuel growth. Smartify analytics unlock audience data tailored to your business needs.

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